Who are We?

The first step in the search for an air ambulance services in India is to understand the importance and criticality of this service.

It is crucial to grasp that the decision-making process for selecting the appropriate aeromedical transfer team is on par with the gravity of choosing the ideal primary healthcare provider or medical facility for your cherished family member, especially during their most trying moments. Your responsibility is to ensure that only the highest quality is chosen.

ICATT was initiated with the goal of providing this service in the most affordable and professional manner. We pride ourselves as being the only specialised air ambulance services in Bangalore in our country that is owned and lead by critical care experts with over 14 years of international experience and certifications in pre-hospital emergency medicine, ECMO, Transit Critical Care and Aeromedical Rapid Response with National Health Services (NHS) in the U.K

This is why the best doctors from the top hospitals in our country trust only ICATT.

Do I need an Air Ambulance?

ICATT Air Ambulance Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine and ECMO services, Dr Rahul Singh Sardar one of the best flying doctor in India

How We Work?

Talk to our Intensivist

Get our expert critical care teams advice regarding your transfer.


Our critical care experts discuss the case with family members and the patient's primary doctor(s) for an in-depth understanding of the medical situation.

Pre-transfer Prep

We send our critical care expert as soon as possible to take over the responsibility of the patient.


Our doctor stabilises the patient and works hand in hand with the consulting (referring) hospital for an end-to-end transfer.


The patient is transferred via a seamless process using our helicopter or fixed-wing ambulance to the concerned destination hospital.
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Why Trust ICATT?

14+ years of Experience

ICATT is the only air ambulance service that is owned and lead by doctors with international experience in Aero Medical Rapid Response and Critical Transit Care.

Specialised Air Ambulance Service

ICATT adheres to the International protocols (Intensive Care Society UK and Association of Anaesthestist of Great Britain and Ireland).

Skilled Team

Our team has gone through the world’s best training in critical care, pre-hospital emergency, ECMO and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).


We adhere to the Joint Clinical Governance meetings with Sydney and Kent (UK) Air Ambulance Services for review. Every case is audited, studied and discussed.

Responsibility & Ownership

We are the only team that takes over the patients ICU/patient-care a night before the transfer. Our team stabilizes and optimises the patient for the aeromedical journey.

Clinical Governance

ICATT works within the framework and ethos of clinical governance.

Up-To-Date Procedures

All ICATT transfers are done under up-to-date SOPs including de-briefing and auditing.

Flying ICU

CATT uses a helicopter that has been converted into a flying ICU unit, an essential part of transferring critically ill patients.

Medical Apparatus

ICATT uses the world’s best medical infrastructure and equipment to stabilize and transfer the patient.

Organ Transfers

The ICATT team brings in the enormous experience and knowledge of retrieval medicine from the UK, working in conjunction with transplant surgeons to air-lift organs.

Awards & Accolades

ICATT has won the Excellency Award in Innovation Emergency Medicine, first HEMS drill of India, first International Aviation Medicine Meet of India.

Thought Leaders & Partners

We are on the advisory board of the Society of Paramedic India, Ministry of State Health and the academic partners of Society of Emergency Medicine India.

Internationally Acclaimed

ICATT is invited by the medical community internationally to present on Aeromedical Services.



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    Why Choose ICATT?

    ICATT Air Ambulance services media point, Best Medical emergency air ambulance services in India


    Air Ambulances can be used for a variety of medical transfers


    Trauma Emergency Response

    We are developing India’s first Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) which encompasses of highly skilled Rapid Assessment Intervention and Dispatch (RAID) team.

    Planned Air Transfer

    We have dedicated Helicopters and Fixed wing aircrafts, strategically placed across India and abroad to minimise response time. We can transfer a critically unwell patient in the shortest possible transit time, continuing the Intensive therapy enroute.

    Organ Retrieval

    We transfer our surgical team for Organ Harvest to the referring hospital. This team will also be responsible for time-critical transfer (to minimize ischaemic time) of the organs to the transplant hospital.

    ECMO Transfers

    One of the few major advances in Critical Care medicine, Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO) has been subsequently incorporated as Centralised Ultra Critical care and is being incorporated into practice by some of the Advanced Tertiary hospitals in India.

    Neonatal and Paediatric Transfers

    We are developing a dedicated Paediatric and Neonatal transfer team, with equipment and incubators which could easily be transferable between facilities.

    High Risk Obstetric Transfers

    We have the capability to mobilise our high risk Obstetrics team in the shortest possible response time. This team consists of an obstetrician and an obstetrics anesthetist.

    Disaster Management

    We do our best to treat and stabilize critically ill patients transferring many of them to super speciality hospitals via helicopters. Air Ambulance services like ours provide a critical link between healthcare and disaster management systems. We provide Pre-hospital Trauma Management & Care for patients experiencing medical emergencies in disasters, and medical transport to tertiary healthcare facilities - by air.