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FAQs – Air Ambulance Services in India | ICATT

FAQs – Air Ambulance Services in India | ICATT

1. What is an Air Ambulance Service

An air ambulance service is with a highly specialised medical team that helps with the transfer of critically ill and trauma patients and organs from one place to another. The medical team flies on a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft that is completely converted into flying ICU units.

ICATT provides the best air ambulance services in India, as all our doctors are highly trained and experienced doctors that have gone through a training program in aeromedical transfers. The air ambulance requires all the medical equipment to transfer critically ill patients. The medical equipment consists of

  • NICU equipment
  • CRP equipment
  • State of the art stretchers
  • ECGs
  • Heart monitoring units etc.
2. Why Choose ICATT Air Ambulance Services in India?
  1. 2000+ successful patient transit
  2. ICATT directors are the only 2 HEMS(Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) certified doctors we have in India/li>
  3. Most opted air ambulance services in India
  4. Best in class medical equipment
  5. Backed by advanced air medical transport certification by Govt of India
  6. Only medical air ambulance company in India with Internationally trained doctors, flying medics and paramedics.
  7. Offering world-class Organ transplant transport service in India
  8. Best air medical transport company with emergency medical air transport or non-emergency patient transportation in India
  9. Available with all emergency and trauma care services at any point of time
  10. Under the supervision of experienced medical experts
  11. Expert counselling services
  12. Advanced emergency medical equipment including fully provisioned air ambulance, mini ICU facilities, state-of-the-art wheelchair, commercial stretcher, full patient transport system, and medical emergencies.
  13. No hidden and extra transportation charges
  14. ICATT works within the ethos of clinical governance
3. Are you the Best Air Ambulance Service Provider Company in India?

ICATT Air ambulance services are India’s most trusted emergency patient transit service provider as the most well-known doctors trust only ICATT. ICATT has a dedicated team of medical doctors and paramedics with a proven track record in transferring the patients and organ transfers with minimal time along with utmost care by following international levels of protocol.

4. What is the Importance of Air Ambulance Services in India?

Over 80% of India’s population doesn’t have access to higher medical centres for them to get the required treatment they deserve, hence these patients need to be transferred to other cities, unfortunately these patients are not strong enough to travel via road ambulances as their condition will further deteriorate. Air Ambulances cut down the travel time drastically and with a competent medical team, the patient would be transferred in the best possible manner without any spikes in their vital signs. ICATT air ambulance has a team of doctors that are specialised in various fields such as paramedics, cardiology etc who are competent enough to stabilize the patient and get them ready for the transfer. India also has one of the highest rates of fatalities due to roadside accidents and these trauma patients need to be shifted to good hospitals in a short span of time and this can only be done via air ambulance services.

5. Why Air Ambulance Services in India?
  • Higher medical centres are far and widespread and patients need to transfer long distances to get the treatment. Air ambulances are the only solution
  • To provide emergency medical services for people who are living in remote areas.
  • Lakhs of critically ill patients and trauma patients die on route to the hospital due to long transit times and lack of medical infrastructure and skill set.
  • To transfer patients in the shortest span of time
  • To transfer trauma patients who need medical intervention in the fastest time possible
  • It helps to provide transport to the patients from one medical facility to another facility.
  • It helps to save more lives.
  • Complete observation throughout the transportation of patients
6. How does ICATT Ambulance Services in India Work for the People?

ICATT provides comprehensive patient and organ transfer solutions for every medical emergency. First ICATT work within the framework of the medical orthopaedics. Most of our time is spent in educating people about the importance of the good medical team for the transfer. With regard to the process we follow, we firstly understand the patient’s health condition over the phone from the family members and the treating doctors. We then send our critical care experts as soon as possible to take over the responsibility of the patient. Critical care experts from ICATT further discuss the case with family members and get an in-depth knowledge of the medical situation and then take over complete ownership of the patient.

ICATT doctors stabilize the patient and work for hand in hand with the consulting (referring) hospital for an end-to-end transfer. The patient is transferred via a seamless process using our helicopter or fixed-wing ambulance to the concerned destination hospital.

7. How many Branches does ICATT Ambulance Services have in India?

>ICATT provides the best air ambulance services for both local and international. ICATT provides its service all over India and around the globe. Some of the major areas in India were to do quite a lot of transfers are:

8. Is Air Ambulance Services Safe for the Patient?

Yes, The treatments provided by ICATT Air Ambulance services during emergency medical care situations are 100% safe and effective. Our doctors are very competent and follow international levels of protocol. ICATT uses the best in class medical equipment which perhaps nobody else in India uses. Our aircraft is fully equipped with advanced emergency medical care equipment. ICATT directors are HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) certified doctors and probably the only 2 HEMS certified doctors in our country. HEMS is a super speciality and takes years of rigorous training to receive such a certification.

9. Does ICATT Air Ambulance Provide all types of Ambulance Services in India?

Yes, ICATT Air Ambulance provides all types of services, which include

10. Can you Take Patients Anywhere in India?

Yes, ICATT Air Ambulance has immense expertise in transferring patients from one place to another place. ICATT Air ambulance can reach any remote location in India to help the people who are in need of emergency medical care. ICATT provides its services in cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Tiruchi, Goa, Patna, and some more.

11. How are Patients Transferred by Air Ambulance from a Place to Another?
  • After confirmation of the appointment, ICATT will send critical care experts as soon as possible to the location.
  • The ICATT Air Ambulance on-board health care experts will help to stabilize the patients emergency care before reaching the destination
  • The patient is transferred to the desired treatment location via seamless procedures.
12. What are the Types of Medical Staff that Will be On-board with the Patient?

The on-board Medical staff at ICATT Air Ambulance service include MBBS, surgeons, MD certified doctors, Emergency and critical care doctors, Anaesthetic and cardiologist. Our team consists of experienced medical staff, and medical assistants.

13. What is the Cost of Air Ambulance Patient Transfer?

The cost of Air Ambulance service depends on the different factors, which includes travel time, the destination of the hospital, aircraft type, patients severity, etc. To know more details about the cost of Air Ambulance service in India, make your appointment right now with ICATT Air Ambulance service.

14. Difference between the Ground and Air Ambulance Services?
Air Ambulance ServiceGround Ambulance Service
High chances of availability Medium chances of availability
Needs less waiting timeNeeds more waiting time compared to the Air Ambulance
Can reach remote-control areasNot available in remote-control areas
3-4 four family members are allowed to accompany the patientOnly a single person allowed to accompany the patient
Availability emergency care equipment like NICU, heart rate monitors, ECMO, etc.Not available with emergency care equipment
The cost of the Air ambulance was reasonable and no hidden charges.The cost of the Ground ambulance was less.
15. Can You Transfer Patients Awaiting an Organ Transplant?

Yes, ICATT Air Ambulance is also available to transport the organs for the patients who are under the list of Organ transplantation.

16. How Many can Family Members Accompany The Patient?

ICATT Air Ambulance allows 1-3 family members to accompany the patient while transferring to the desired treatment location. The number of patients really depends on the type of aircraft being used for the transfer

17. How do I Pay for the ICATT Air Ambulance?

Payment can be via Cash, Cheque, and online payment.

18. How Can the People Book ICATT Air Ambulance Service in India?

ICATT doesn’t need any personal visit to the nearest centre to book an appointment. You can contact us via Call, Email, SMS, WhatsApp. We are available 24/7. Feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.

Our online assistance team resolves all your queries and helps you with the updates about your journey. Once Your appointment gets confirmed, our online assistance team is always available with you and forwards the information to the operations team for further process.

  • An early conversation with an emergency team
  • Quick response & confirmation of service request
  • Initial first aid & care while transferring the patient
  • Transfer to the desired treatment location within the time
19. Is There any Bed to Bed Transfer Service?

Yes, ICATT Air Ambulance is also available with the bed to bed transfer services for bedridden people and for the people who are in immovable condition after met with an accident.

20. What Makes ICATT Air Ambulance India Unique?
  • Only ICATT has most experienced and Internationally exposed professional doctors are used for the transfer
  • Best in class medical equipment that perhaps nobody else in India uses
  • The directors of ICATT are anaesthetic intensivists that are HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) certified making them the most trusted and experienced aero-medical team in the country
  • ICATT is building the infrastructure to introduce HEMS in India that with a goal to provide this service as a free service
  • Easy way to make your appointment
  • Immediate response to the Request
  • Availability at remote-controlled areas
  • First aid treatment before boarding the patient
  • Advanced emergency care equipment
  • Experience in transferring the patient with minimal time
  • Minimal Travelling time
  • Transfers to any treatment provider destination across India
  • Affordable packages
  • Any mode of payment available
21. Who Decides as to Whether the Patient can be Transported?

Once we receive the call from the patient attendee and in consultation with the patient treating doctor we understand the need and will transfer the patient accordingly.

22. What are the Documentations you do While Transporting the Patients?

Clinical summary

  • Discharge summary
  • Patient identity cards
  • Current and previous medical reports
  • Confirmation of hospital admission at the desired treatment location
23. How many Doctors will be on the Air Ambulance Flight?

Clinical summary
1-2 doctors and a technician/paramedic to assist the doctor

24. How do I know if I need an Air Ambulance?

Clinical summary
The need for an air ambulance will depend upon the incident location, emergency of the situation, Time to get the proper treatment, and most importantly the condition of the patient.

25. Which Aircraft are Used for ICATT Air Ambulance Flights?
  • Commercial Aeroplanes
  • Fixed-wing aircrafts
  • Helicopters
26. Does ICATT provide International Air Ambulance Service?

Yes, ICATT provides the best air ambulance services in India to transit the patients from India to other countries, along with all emergency medical care equipment.

27. How Quickly can an Air Transfer be Arranged?

Depending on the availability and the location of the aircraft, we can arrange for the air transfer anywhere between 15 mins to a few hours

28. Am I Allowed to Bring Luggage on the Aircraft?

Yes, ICATT allows 1 – 2 attenders with little baggage to be carried, however, this totally depends on the type of the aircraft being used, the weather conditions etc.

29. Where can I see your ICATT Air Ambulance Testimonials?

Here is the link to check our testimonials regarding the successful transfer of patients who need emergency medical care.

Link: https://www.icatt.in/testimonials/

30. What is the Future of the Air Ambulance in India?

Air Ambulances have been used in India for quite a few years now, however, if the question is around the medical experts of the air ambulance in India then it is a big question mark. There is a big demand for such a service in our country, who have certifications for the medical doctors on board. And ICATT proved as No: 1 as best medical air ambulances with trained doctors and paramedics.

31. Is your Air Ambulance Cost Proposal All-inclusive?

Yes, The cost of Air ambulance at ICATT is the final price of your entire journey ( on-boarding time to the arrival time of destination). The final price is inclusive of all taxes and other charges. There are no hidden charges and no extra charges at ICATT.

32. What are the Available Facilities for the ICATT Air Ambulance Service?
  • Experienced emergency physicians
  • Assistants, 
  • Paramedic staff who have years of experience in critical and emergency patient care, 
  • Safe transportation of patients with comprehensive air medical transport services
  • Emergency medical equipment includes
    •  Cardiac monitor
    •  Mini ICU
    •  Infusion pump
    •  Ventilator
    •  Nebulizer machine
    •  Suction machine
    •  Oxygen cylinders
    •  Stretcher beds 
    •  Emergency health system tools
31. What Are Your Operating Hours for the ICATT Air Ambulance Service?

ICATT provides the best air ambulance services in India at round the clock. We are available 24 hours 365 days. Our online team will assist you to know more details about our services. Contact ICATT now @ +91 9701111156

34. How to Contact ICATT for Emergency Air Ambulance Service in India?

To contact your nearest ICATT for booking emergency air ambulance services in India, You can
Email us now: [email protected]
Visit at: https://www.icatt.in/
Call us now: +91 9701111156