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Myth: Air Ambulance/Medevac services are not capable of transporting unconscious patients

Fact: No matter how severe the patient’s medical condition is, whether conscious or unconscious, stable or unstable, breathing on their own or breathing with ventilator support, our ICATT Air Ambulance/Medevac transfers patients to any part of India and other countries (for instance, to most parts of Africa, UK, US, Dubai and Australia) in case of an emergency.

Almost every type of patient can be evacuated by air ambulance. If the patient is not breathing, we provide a breathing machine (ventilator) in our Air Ambulance.

Our Critical Care aircraft are flying intensive care units. The medical facility will provide a stretcher, special medical devices, medications and drugs tailored to the patient’s needs. Our aircraft is staffed with highly experienced and trained medical teams to take proper care of the patient.

Myth: Air Ambulance/Medevac services are very expensive 

Fact: Most Indians believe that medical evacuation services are only available to wealthy citizens, not the middle class. But it is not valid; they are not as expensive as you think.

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Our ICATT Medevac service is India’s most affordable air ambulance service. Research indicates that logistics are the greatest threat to medevac, which is why the ICATT air ambulance service was developed to provide quality and safe aeromedical transfers at an affordable cost.

ICATT Medevac service offers the most cost-effective solution for people requiring a medical transfer/ evacuation from anywhere in India to many parts of the world.

Myth: Air Ambulance/Medevac services are only used to transport patients out of the country.

Fact: The primary purpose of air ambulance services is to transport injured patients to places that provide high-quality medical care. The destination can either be outside the country or within the country. 

Remember that the primary purpose of an air ambulance transport or evacuation is to provide medical care to the patient during transportation in the air, helping them avoid deterioration/death before they reach their destination facility.

The patient can be transported by air ambulance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari or any other country. So air ambulances aren’t just for taking patients to other countries. Medevac is often needed between remote and urban areas in the same country. Aside from assistance and referral services, ICATT Flying Doctors can also provide services such as hospital referrals, remote patient care, first aid training, procurement of medical equipment, and other emergency air ambulance services.

ICATT Advanced medical equipped Air ambulance facilities for critical ill patients transport in Hyderabad, High risk medical transportation near me

Myth: Air ambulance services are a luxury 

Fact: When people hear about an air ambulance, they generally think about the luxurious private jets often seen in movies. However, we see our air ambulances as life-saving assets for saving seriously ill patients.

Even though air ambulances have helped many famous people, air ambulances are an essential service for everyone.

Myth: Helicopters are the only vehicles that provide air ambulances 

Fact: Helicopter air ambulances are not the only vehicles used by ICATT Air Ambulance. Many other planes are used as air ambulances, including Learjet, Citation planes, Bombardier Challenger, Boeing Jets, Hawker, Embraer Phenom, etc. The main advantage of air ambulances is their versatility.

To contact the ICATT air ambulance, call +91-9701111156. We have transported and helped thousands of patients all over the globe and helped them to survive.

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