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Organ Transplant Transport Services

Organ transplantation involves immediate surgery for the people whose organ failed or damaged will be replaced with a donated healthy organ. Organ transplantation needs timely organ transportations. The demand for organ transplantation is increasing, but organ donation is decreasing. In these situations, organ transportation services will help to save the lives of patients by trauma emergency response team.

Donated organs must transfer to the destination in minimal time. Organ transportation for transplantation is time-sensitive. It needs an immediate response, flexible, and secure transportation services. Compared to all other medical transportation services, air ambulance services are the most effective emergency organ transport services for sensitive organs like kidney, liver, heart, etc.

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ICATT air ambulance service is available not only with emergency medical services but also with organ transplant transport services. These organ transplantation services from ICATT are life-saving services for the patients who need immediate human organ transportation from the hospital to the transplantation centre.

At ICATT, we can transfer our Flying medics with surgical team for the organ retrieval to the referring hospital. The on-board medical team will minimise the ischaemic time of organs to the transplantation centres. Potential organ transplantation for the patients who are in traumatic conditions with the failing of organs can be safely transferred to domestic and international transplant centres.

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What is Organ Transportation?
It is the process of transporting the donor organs to the transplantation centre with minimal time as much as possible. Organ transportation is mainly preferable for carrying organs such as the heart, lungs, kidney, pancreas, and eyes. The organ transportation is especially beneficial for children and patients with rare blood groups.

This transportations service is done in several stages which include

  • Diagnosis of the donor patient’s organ
  • Consignment from family members
  • Medical evaluation
  • Matching of the organs
  • Surgical removal from the donor patient
  • Preservation of donated organs
  • Safely transfers the organs to the transplantation centres

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How do ICATT’s air ambulance help in providing organ transport services?

  • Save the lives of patients who need transportation for failed organs
  • Reach the desire transplantation centre within a minimal time
  • International organ transplant transportation services are also available.
  • Specialised medical team preserves the donated organs in specialised solutions
  • The medical team also helps in stabilising ischaemic time of organs
  • Transfers blood tissue like tendons, heart valves, arteries, and corneas.
  • Available with emergency medical transfer with the best air ambulance services
  • More effective transportation services compared to ground ambulance services
  • Also has global network access for better evacuation services
  • Provides experienced medical escort transportation
  • Suitable aircraft with helicopter air ambulance or fixed-wing air ambulance for the transportation with all emergency equipment

Advantages of organ transportation services:

  • Improves the quality of life
  • Pliability and flexibility of grafts
  • Faster healing time
  • Save lives of patients by Disaster management team
  • Can reach to any remote location for organ harvest
  • Life-saving solutions for organ recipients
  • Maximises the chances of success of organ transplantation
  • Avoid the delay in transferring the organ or patient

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How does ICATT provide human organ transplant transport services?

  • After successfully registering with ICATT organ transportation services, the online emergency time will ask the details about the boarding point and destination, patient’s circumstances.
  • ICATT can minimise the waiting time and send the transportation team to reach their incident location within a short duration.
  • Under the guidance of a medical professional, the donated organ will be transported by maintaining the blood flow to the organ.
  • Under exceptional medical circumstances, the air ambulances will deliver these donated organs within a short duration.
  • ICATT also offers Helicopter Emergency Medical Services for the patients who are in failed organ traumatic conditions.
  • ICATT air ambulance is also available in tissue transportation.

Why choose ICATT for Organ transport services in Hyderabad?

  • 14+ years of experience in organ transportation
  • Trained, certified and experienced surgeons and paramedics team
  • Affordable for every emergency medical transportation
  • Able to reach every corner of India
  • Strives to provide all emergency services
  • 100% success rate in transferring the patients
  • 1000+ successful organ transportation
  • Have global network access
  • Comprehensive helicopter air ambulance services to reduce the transportation time
  • Ultra-modern NICU equipment for better medical care
  • Available for 24/7 days and 365 days
  • Significantly fast
  • No distance limit
  • Safety assurance
  • Provides the medical escort
  • All emergency and non-emergency situations handled.

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FAQs about Organa transportation services:

1. What is the role of air ambulance in organ transplantation?

Finding a suitable organ for transplantation is quite tricky. If you are lucky enough to find a suitable donor, you certainly do not risk organ recipients’ lives due to road traffic. So to avoid these life-threatening risks, iCATT provides the best air ambulances for effective organ transportation services. To reduce transit time, ICATT is also available with helicopter ambulance services.

2. How are the donor organs preserved during transportation?

After removing the organ from the donor, which is fleshed free and free of blood, it is placed in an ice-cold preservation solution containing the electrolytes and nutrients. Then those organs are then placed in sterile containers and packed with wet-ice and transported to the transplant centre as soon as possible.

4. What does it take to transfer the donor organ to the destination?

It depends on the distance between the hospitals and the type of organ transported. ICATT air ambulances are significantly fast and effective. It carries the organ to the transplant centre in minimal time under the guidance of experienced surgeons and medical staff.

5. How much does it cost for ICATT’s Organ transportation services?

The organ transportation service cost in Hyderabad may vary depending on the distance between the hospital, type of aircraft used, type of organ transported, and the number of medical staff required. Want to know more details about this service, contact ICATT air ambulance services now.

6. In which locations of India ICATT is available with Organ transportation services?
  • Organ transport services in Pune
  • Organ transport services in Berhampur
  • Organ transport services in Bangalore
  • Organ transport services in Visakhapatnam
  • Organ transport services in Thiruvananthapuram
  • Organ transport services in Mumbai
  • Organ transport services in Vellore
  • Organ transport services in Goa
  • Organ transport services in Hyderabad
  • Organ transport services in Shillong
  • Organ transport services in Coimbatore
  • Organ transport services in Vijayawada
  • Organ transport services in Madurai
  • Organ transport services in Pondicherry
  • Organ transport services in Kolkata
  • Organ transport services in Jabalpur
  • Organ transport services in Mysore
  • Organ transport services in Nagpur
  • Organ transport services in Kochi
  • Organ transport services in Chennai
  • Organ transport services in Patna
  • Organ transport services in Raigarh
  • Organ transport services in Raipur
7. Is ICATT available with the transportation of tissue for transplantation?

Donated human organs and tissues save the lives of the traumatic patients who need immediate transplantation. The tissue that recovered for transplant is heart valves, veins, skin, tendons, bones, small intestines. Usually, human individual donor tissues save 70 lives. ICATT has hands-on experience in providing organ and transportation services.

8. Is ICATT organ transportation also available for children?

For an organ, transportation speed and effectiveness are essential factors that can be possible with ICATT, which provides the best air ambulance services in India. Especially for children, these organ transportation through air ambulance is life-saving services.

9. How can I contact ICATT for immediate human organ transport service?

Get the hassle-free organ transportation services to save the patient’s life within minimal time with the ICATT’s organ transportation services. In any emergency, we are here to help you.

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