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International Air Ambulance For Critical Care Patients

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Nowadays, medical ambulance flights have overgrown, providing world-class ambulance services in India, making it easier for people to get world-class assistance without waiting long for a medical ambulance flight abroad. ICATT Air Ambulance Service is one of the pioneers in providing these facilities in India and worldwide. It is an outstanding international airline provider that provides comprehensive patient health support possible by its extensive medical care experience.

ICATT Air Ambulance is one of India’s most extensive air ambulance services, providing end-to-end ambulance repatriation services with outstanding patient care worldwide. ICATT has several years of successful global experience in this service sector.

Now, ICATT Kyathi Medical Transport System specializes in international airlines. This is also known as medical evacuation transportation. This is often referred to as Medevac Transport, Medivac, or Air Evac. ICATT Kyathi provides Medevac services to patients worldwide. Our medevac service aims to critically ill or injured patients who need fast, safe, and reliable medevac air transportation. You will find a higher level of security, experience, and accreditation. ICATT has the coveted and excellent CAMTS accreditation, which means we are the best in the business. CAMTS is the “Gold Standard” for Medevac suppliers. Only a handful of aerial medicine companies have this high honour. Let us see in detail about International Air Ambulance for Critical Care Patients – ICATT.

What is an international medical evacuation?
International aerial medical evacuation vehicle in India, flight air ambulance services near me

Medical evacuation is often required for patients who are hospitalized abroad and need to be medically evacuated to their home country. Medical evacuation is carried out by fixed-wing medical aircraft. ICATT transports patients on Learjets or similar fixed-wing business jets. Many people are wondering how to find an aerial medical evacuation vehicle. ICATT has an air medical evacuation service you need. We are experts in international patient transport. ICATT has been in business for many years and has impeccable data security. We know how complicated a medical evacuation or transport of Medivac Can be. Our competent staff will arrange your International Air Ambulance transportation for you.

When do you need an international ambulance?

Our patients use the ambulance service when they are injured or sick while travelling and therefore want to go home or fly to another country for better treatment. Other cases where international ambulances can be deployed are people who need special assistance or travel to another country for better health care. In all of these cases, an international ambulance maybe your best option for safe travel as you receive adequate medical care along the way.

What care do we provide on international medical flights?
Contact to ICATT Air Ambulance for Flying Medical Emergency services in India, high-risk medical transportation near me

Today people travel to the most remote corners of the world. If you are sick or injured in a foreign country and need to travel home, call the emergency air ambulance ICATT. This service is intended for seriously ill patients who are in hospitals overseas. Treatment at a foreign hospital may not be as good as a treatment in the patient’s own country, and you may need to be transported on a return flight if you are unable to travel on a commercial flight. 

Since medical evacuation flights are intended for seriously ill or injured patients, you need to hire a company with international transportation experience from Medevac. Our team of medical experts, consisting of intensive care nurses and flight nurses, will accompany the patient on the plane. The jet is configured like an intensive care unit in a hospital. Medical evacuation flights have medical stretchers, oxygen, intravenous solutions, ventilators, monitors, and all the drugs needed to fly patients over long distances. Aeroplanes used for medical evacuation flights are stressed and fly at safe and comfortable altitudes to ensure that patients and family members have a smooth and comfortable flight.

How is the cost of an international ambulance calculated?

Before arranging an ambulance flight, you should know how we calculate our costs to decide which approach is best for you. Since each patient’s situation and needs are unique, we cannot assign a single number to each case. When calculating costs, we take into account various factors such as:

  • The patient’s health condition
  • Flight routes and distances
  • Type of aircraft required

Services Offered by International Air Ambulance for Critical Care Patients – ICATT
ICATT Air ambulance transports critically ill patients in India, aeromedical patients transportation services near me

  • ICATT Air Ambulance is an international ambulance company that offers this assistance at minimal costs and with the well-being of patients seeking help first.
  • Services are not limited to nearby countries but are distributed around the world. ICATT Air Ambulance is one of the organizations assisting internationally.
  • With various emergency and non-emergency medical facilities for patients, services are provided not only from India but also from the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Europe, Bangladesh, and worldwide.
  • The latest medical equipment and support systems are installed on our aircraft for full patient care and provide critical care emergency functions under trained and experienced medical professionals’ guidance and supervision.
  • ICATT Air Ambulance offers comprehensive patient support services at a very affordable price. Services can be selected and tailored to suit the patient’s needs and budget.

Why book ICATT international ambulance with the Medical Air Service?

At Medical Air Service, our goal is to provide you with the best in-flight medical care at the best prices for national and international airlines. Our flights are well equipped, and our experienced medical staff is ready to provide the care you need to travel safely and comfortably from the place to hospital vice versa. We have connections to major airports and smaller airports, which allow us to offer high-quality service worldwide. Our team can even help you plan trips and arrange ground transportation to ensure you arrive at your destination.


If you want to know how to find international medical evacuation transportation, then you have come to the right place. We provide all the above care as mentioned. Our aeromedical case managers are specialized in coordinating global medical evacuations, so you don’t have to. Our experts coordinate all details of medical evacuation flights and ground transportation. You can call one of our experts to get a quote at +91-9701111156 or visit our website https://www.icatt.in/.

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