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Air ambulance is the best mode of transport while transferring critically ill and patients suffering from trauma. ICATT uses a  highly competent medical team and follows international levels of protocol to transfer patients.

If you have a family member or known person who needs to be shifter, you can get help from ICATT air ambulance service.

Air ambulance is the best method of transportation. The air ambulance can transport patients across  India as across the world if needed.

ICATT is always ready to answer all questions about air ambulance services and to meet your needs. We can help you understand the process and give you common knowledge so that you can take care of your health or your loved ones. If you have questions about equipment, private or commercial flights please do not hesitate to contact ICATT. If you need an air ambulance, please contact us at any time. We can talk in detail about your specific needs or requirements. This article gives general information about air ambulance and how it helps patients in emergency need.

What is an air ambulance?

ICATT Air Ambulance Medical Flight Transport Service In Bengaluru, best Flying Medical Emergency services near me

Air Ambulance Service is a term that combines air transportation with  emergency services that can transport critically ill or injured patients to and from health facilities.

The importance of air ambulances in India?

ICATT Air Ambulance consisting of Flight aerospace and medical experts in India, best life saving facilities for medically ill patients transportation near me

ICATT Air ambulance provides on-demand high-tech medical devices on board  to monitor and treat sick patients throughout the journey. It has all the time-saving devices on board, and even the toughest patients can be transported easily.

In the field of emergency services, time plays a critical role because you have to take patients to hospital as early as possible and in the fastest and safest possible manner  to help the patient with immediate treatment. Even a split second can cost a life. To overcome this situation, several improvements have been made to more effectively serve people in critical medical emergencies in an air ambulance.

A few years ago, an ambulance was only used to bring patients to the hospital. While modern ambulances currently consist of the latest technological equipment. Patients can be provided with emergency services even before they reach the nearest hospital. In some cases, transferring patients to a larger hospital is not necessary because of treatment at the nearest hospital. On the other hand, some places in many cities in our country are not accessible by ordinary ambulances due to lack of development or lack of space in this area. This area can be a remote area or a location that cannot be reached quickly in a normal size ambulance.

In this case, it would be better to use an ambulance. An air ambulance is an aircraft equipped with all the necessary medical devices and a medical team to transfer critically ill patients to and from medical facilities. An air ambulance is not only a conventional ambulance but also consists of all necessary medical equipment such as an ECG, ventilator, medicines and stretchers, etc. Also, there is a group of medical personnel on the ambulance to help patients as well as possible.

A glance of ICU Air Ambulance Services:

The ICATT ICU Air Ambulance Service in India offers a variety of options and works hard for seriously ill and injured patients on board and their families. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • 24 x 7 hours and 365 days of domestic aviation medicine
  • Mechanisms for transfer from bed to bed, scoop stretchers, wheelchairs, etc.
  • A highly qualified and experienced medical team every time
  • MD or MBBS doctors are available during patient transfers
  • The state of modern medical devices
  • Transport of organ procurement teams and recipients
  • Cost-effective service

Book the ICATT Air ambulance service in India

ICATT medical air ambulance is a well-known and pioneering flight and helicopter ambulance service provider. We offer our medical emergency services throughout India to help people in need. ICATT Air Ambulance only wants to help people on their critical days; we offer the best service and high-tech medical facilities along the way to the hospital. We stood with the nation during disasters and natural calamities example: we saved many lives during Kerala floods.

ICATT offers fast and urgent ambulance flights in India on time with an economical rate. ICATT offers emergency services 24/7 to provide emergency assistance for quick ambulances in India.

Benefits include:

  • Access to the remote areas and taking patients to the nearest hospital. This helps save important time in extreme situations.
  • Offers patients maximum comfort and minimal stress.
  • Specialized medical personnel who know how to provide first aid.
  • A highly trained medical team
  • The extremely professional operations team


In addition to medical experience, ICATT ICU’s doctor is also available. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day and are waiting to answer your questions about our flight ambulance services and listen to your needs. The ICATT Air Ambulance Service from India helps identify the process and gives you peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about the health of your loved ones because you are onboard one time.

ICATT Air is the best ambulance service provider in India. It is unbeatable with their services. The right time is choosing your health and your loved ones for others, and the right time to choose our services. Contact us at +91-9701111156 for our assistance.

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