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Flight Ambulance Services in India

Flight ambulance services are short notice chartered services. Flight air ambulance service used as transportation in emergency and non-emergency situations. Flight ambulance services are the most comfortable and affordable transportation services. Flight ambulance services are flying mini ICU’s. Flight air ambulance services are mainly preferable for long evacuation durations.

ICATT is a renowned flight ambulance services provider in India, which transfers patients who are critically injured or critically ill. ICATT flight ambulances are backed up by a team of physicians, obstetricians, neonatology physicians, and EMS (emergency medical services) certified surgeons. ICATT’s Flight air ambulance is also available with repatriation services from different countries across the world.

What is a Flight Ambulance?

Flight ambulance services are a safe, reliable, and quick way to transfer patients. It is more spacious compared to the helicopter air ambulance, which allows more emergency medical equipment and staff. The main advantage of the Flight ambulance service is that it can transfer multiple patients in a single evacuation. These Flight air ambulance services can fly in tempestuous weather conditions.

ICATT uses both large and small fixed-wing aircraft configured to provide better medical care for the individuals who are in traumatic situations or to repatriate them from different countries.

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Benefits of Flight ambulance services:

  • Helpful in providing the best disaster management services for traumatic patients
  • Helpful in long evacuations
  • Has access to the remote areas
  • Able to transfer or to repatriate the patient to or from every corner of India
  • Available with all emergency medical equipment which is also known as flying mini ICU’s
  • Eliminates the risk of traffic hurdles
  • Helps in the cases of multiple casualties
  • Also helpful in emergency organ retrieval services
  • Involves highly trained emergency medical
  • Reduces all hospital transportation time compared to ground ambulance
  • Easily available in emergency situations
  • Stabilizes the patient critical health conditions before reaching the destination
  • Also, increase the survival rate

You can Use Flight ambulance services in India

  • If the person is under traumatic conditions
  • If the person is critically ill
  • If the person met with a severe accident
  • If you are in remote areas
  • If the person repatriate from other countries
  • If you are planning for medical tourism in India
  • If the person need obstetric and neonatal transfers
  • If you are looking for emergency organ transplant transportation in India or Internationally
  • If you are affected with natural or human-made disasters
  • If you are suffering in reaching the nearest health care destination due to traffic snarls during medical emergency transfer

Type of Flight Ambulance services:

1. Fixed-wing air ambulance: These fixed air ambulances are mainly preferred to transfer the patient to longer distances. This type of air ambulance can fly in all weather conditions. It consists of more treatment equipment and NICU services compared to the helicopter ambulance services. It has a high capacity in transferring the patients and also boarded with all emergency doctors.

2. Rotor wing air ambulance: These rotor wing air ambulances are another form of the ground ambulance which flies. They can land anywhere on the ground. Rotor ambulance services used for short travel range. These are mostly available to access the nearest trauma emergency response centre and transfer the patients to the nearest health care centre.

Types of flights used for ambulances services:

Depending on the speed and range, the flight ambulance will be available to transfer or repatriate patients within a short duration. There are different type of flight for the evacuate the patient which includes

  • Learjet
  • Citation bravo
  • Hawker
  • Bombardier challenger
  • Embraer phenom
  • Citation mustang
  • Boeing business jet

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List of cities available with ICATT’s Flight ambulance services:

  • Flight ambulance services in Bangalore India
  • Flight ambulance services in Berhampur India
  • Flight ambulance services in Chennai India
  • Flight ambulance services in Coimbatore India
  • Flight ambulance services in Goa India
  • Flight ambulance services in Hyderabad India
  • Flight ambulance services in Jabalpur India
  • Flight ambulance services in Kochi India
  • Flight ambulance services in Kolkata India
  • Flight ambulance services in Madurai India
  • Flight ambulance services in Mumbai India
  • Flight ambulance services in Mysore India
  • Flight ambulance services in Nagpur India
  • Flight ambulance services in Patna India
  • Flight ambulance services in Pune India
  • Flight ambulance services in Pondicherry India
  • Flight ambulance services in Raigarh India
  • Flight ambulance services in Raipur India
  • Flight ambulance services in Shillong India
  • Flight ambulance services in Thiruvananthapuram India
  • Flight ambulance services in Vellore India
  • Flight ambulance services in Visakhapatnam India
  • Flight ambulance services in Vijayawada India

List of Facilities Available in Flight Ambulance services:

  • Available with all NICU services
  • Skilled and experienced emergency flying medics team
  • Available with state of the advanced treatment equipment
  • Available with ECMO transfers
  • Not only for emergency services also available with non-emergency services
  • Available with the bed to bed transfers
  • Also available for Planned air transfer

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Flight Ambulance Services cost in India:

The cost of the flight ambulance services is affordable for every patient who needs medical transfer with all emergency medical services. The flight ambulance services cost in India may vary depending on several factors which include the number of miles travelled, type of surgeons boarded, type of emergency services provided, number of hours travelled, type of emergency needed etc.

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FAQs about Flight ambulance service in India:

1. How soon can I expect repatriation services from ICATT?

Any of the air ambulances services from ICATT can be arranged within a matter of minutes. And for organising repatriation services, it may take one hour.

2. Does ICATT accomplish any hospital in India to provide immediate medical care?

Yes, ICATT collaborated with the renowned super speciality hospitals in India to provide immediate medical care for trauma patients.

3. Is the patient allowed to take luggage on a flight ambulance?

The patient luggage can be carried in case of repatriation and other medical services. There is more storage space in a flight ambulance compared to a helicopter ambulance. Depending on the size of the flight, more luggage will be allowed.

4. Can I choose the type of flight for our evacuation?

Yes, You can choose any of our available flight ambulances for national or international evacuations. We always try hard to meet your needs and suggest the most suitable flight for your medical transfer.

5. How many staff will be there during the evacuation?

The flight ambulance from ICATT is boarded with experienced pilots, EMS certified doctors, paramedical staff which helps in transferring the patient and also stabilizes the patient’s condition before reaching the medical care centre.

6. What are the emergency medical equipment available in-flight ambulance service?

Depending on the type of flight ambulance, it can be adjusted with emergency medical equipment to satisfy every individual need. These ultra-modern treatment equipment provided by the ICTT includes

  • High-quality intensive care unit
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Compact defibrillator
  • Intensive care for respirators to provide artificial respiration situations
  • Global communication
  • Bed to bed transfers
  • State of the art wheelchairs
7. How do I order ICATT flight ambulance service?

We are available 24/7 hours 365 days to provide the best flight ambulance services to evacuate longer distances. You can contact us via call, email, whatsapp. We would love to hear from You.
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