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Emergency Medical Services in India

Emergency Medical Services in India

India is a vast country, and emergency services are not fully developed in small towns and districts. It is essential to provide reliable emergency health-care services in traumatic situations for every corner of India.

The main aim of the emergency medical services is to provide emergency care and to transfer the patients to the nearest treatment location in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

In this fast-developing world, most of the countries have emergency medical services. In India, ICATT came up with all standardized emergency medical services and became the best in air ambulance service in India across the globe. Reach the nearest health care centre before that golden hour ends with the best ICATT air ambulance services, helicopter services, and international air ambulance services.

Emergency medical services are Accessible from Smartphones now.

ICATT is a leading air ambulance service provider in India, offering all types of emergency medical care services for the people in dire medical need. It also has a successful track record in transferring patients from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world.

ICATT has a team of skilled and experienced pilots; HEMS (Helicopter emergency medical services) certified surgeons, paramedical assistant and flying medics team, and other medical staff. The medical team will help transfer the patient and has hands-on experience in stabilizing the patient’s emergency condition.

What is Emergency Medical Service?

Services that provide emergency medical care and transfer the patient to the nearby health care centre are known as emergency medical services. These emergency medical services are also known as paramedic services or ambulance services.

The main aim of emergency medical services is to provide immediate medical care for those who need it without calculating the distance. These services will help to give a better quality of life.

In most cases, emergency medical services can be provided by using cars, motor vehicles, aircraft, etc. Compared to all other transportation services, Air ambulance is the most preferred emergency medical transportation service. These air ambulances can transfer the patient within a short duration and make the journey hassle-free.

“ICATT always believes that the right help at the right time can save lives without calculating the distance. Recently ICATT took over a mission of India’s longest ever medical airlift of a 47-year-old cancer patient from South Africa to India. Twenty-one thousand kilometres within a span of 30 hrs and became successful in saving the patient’s life”. – Dr Rahul Singh, Chief of Aero Medic Services at ICATT India

Most of the countries provide the best emergency medical care services which can run on both national and international levels such as:-

  • Volunteer ambulance service
  • Private ambulance service
  • Combined emergency service
  • Hospital-based service
  • Company ambulance

Principles of Emergency medical services provided by ICATT:

  • Early detection: Early detection and location of any emergency are essential to provide the best emergency medical services.
  • Early reporting: After knowing the emergency, closeby people have to make an emergency call to report about the health care condition. The emergency medical services team will also have a clear idea of what they are about to face.
  • Early response: The dispatched emergency medical services team will reach the location within a short span. In critical situations, these more initial responses will become crucial in conditions like traumatic patients, brain or heart stroke patients, etc.
  • Stabilization of patient health condition:After reaching the Incident area, the certified surgeons from the emergency medical services team will help to stabilize traumatic situations before reaching the destinations. The emergency medical team will decide whether the patient needs further treatment in the hospital or not.
  • Special care in transporting the patient: After a complete evaluation of the critical situation, the emergency medical services team now transfers the patient either by road or train or air ambulance service. While travelling also, the patient is under the supervision of an experienced surgeon from the emergency medical services team.
  • Transferring to the desired health care destination: In emergencies, patients are transferred to the nearest health care centre, whereas in non-emergency situations, the patients are transferred to desired treatment locations.
  • ICATT has a HEMS certified emergency medical services team that transfers the patient with utmost care and responsibility.

Different Types of Emergency medical services offered by ICATT:

These emergency medical services can help in providing prehospital medical care for the people who need immediate medical attention and transfer. In critical situations, these services become life-saving solutions. ICATT offers different types of emergency medical services which include:-

  1. Trauma emergency transfers: These trauma emergency transfers are needed in situations like gunshot wounds, major burn accidents, car crash injuries, disaster situations. While transferring the emergency medical team will help to stabilize the condition and transfers to the nearest health centres.
  2. High-risk obstetric transfers: These transfers help save the lives of people with severe obstetric complications. These transfers will help pregnant women who need an immediate transfer from remote-controlled areas and also help in saving the lives of unborn babies.
  3. Planned air transfer (International and national): Depending on the critical situation, the emergency medical team from ICATT will transfer the patient to the nearest health care centre within a short span with proper strategy.
  4. Neonatal and paediatric transfers: These transfers from ICATT help to provide better health care treatment for neonates at the right time. ICATT is backed by a paediatric and neonatal care team along with advanced incubator equipment.
  5. Organ transplant transport: Organ retrieval transport from ICATT helpful in transferring the donor organs from anywhere in the world. These organ transfer facilities will save the lives of people who are in critical health care with failed organs.
  6. Disaster patient transport: Emergencies like natural or human-made disasters need these disaster management transfers from ICATT. The emergency medical services team will help to transfer the people who got severely injured to the nearest health care centres within a short duration.
  7. ECMO transfers: These transfers are mainly useful for people who are in critical situations due to severe cardiorespiratory problems. This Extracorporeal membrane oxygenator (ECMO) transfer helps stabilize patient’s critical conditions while transferring.

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Cities offering ICATT emergency medical care services:

  • Emergency medical services in Bangalore
  • Emergency medical services in Berhampur
  • Emergency medical services in Coimbatore
  • Emergency medical services in Goa
  • Emergency medical services in Guwahati
  • Emergency medical services in Hyderabad
  • Emergency medical services in Jabalpur
  • Emergency medical services in Kochi
  • Emergency medical services in Kolkata
  • Emergency medical services in Madurai
  • Emergency medical services in Mumbai
  • Emergency medical services in Mysore
  • Emergency medical services in Nagpur
  • Emergency medical services in Patna
  • Emergency medical services in Pondicherry
  • Emergency medical services in Pune
  • Emergency medical services in Raigarh
  • Emergency medical services in Raipur
  • Emergency medical services in Shillong
  • Emergency medical services in Thiruvananthapuram
  • Emergency medical services in Vellore
  • Emergency medical services in Vijayawada
  • Emergency medical services in Visakhapatnam

Benefits of ICATT’s emergency medical service in India:

  • Reduces the travelling time compared other mode of medical transfer
  • Accomplished emergency medical services team
  • Eliminates the cumbersome traffic hurdles
  • Offers all emergency medical services while travelling
  • Help many casualties
  • Helps in organ transportation
  • Provides emergency treatment services

Type of vehicles used in Emergency medical services:

While providing these services, ICATT uses a fully equipped medical aircraft under the supervision of aero medically trained doctors and medical assistant staff. The air ambulances used in emergency medical transfer may be

Fixed-wing air ambulance: These are the most commonly used air ambulance services to cover longer distances. This type of air ambulances can fly in inclement weather conditions also. It is more spacious than a helicopter air ambulance, which allows for more emergency treatment equipment and paramedic staff.

Rotary wing (Helicopter) air ambulance: This type of air ambulances work in emergencies where the patient is in golden hour conditions. These helicopter air ambulances can be reachable anywhere in India, including remote-controlled areas where other ambulance services can’t be reachable.

International Emergency medical services in India:

International emergency medical service is an essential element for overseas people who got sick or severely injured and needed immediate medical transfer. This emergency medical service in India is ideal in bed-to-bed transfer facilities in several conditions like traumatic conditions, disaster management, and severe health conditions.

Why Choose ICATT for Emergency medical services in India?

  • Skilled, trained and experienced medical staff
  • Comprehensive patient and organ transfer solutions for every medical emergency
  • Right help at the right time for saving lives
  • 14 years of international experience in emergency medical services
  • No 1 International aeromedical airlift service provider
  • Helpful in trauma emergency
  • Helpful in ECMO transfers
  • Available with neonatal and paediatric transfers
  • Available in every corner of India
  • Reliable medical repatriation services
  • Also available for Disaster management
  • Comprehensive patient transfer

FAQs about Emergency medical services in India:

1. How do I request for ICatt emergency medical services?

ICATT is readily available for everyone via SMS, email, or whatsapp. Contact your nearest ICATT centre and be intimate about the emergency. The emergency medical staff from ICATT will help the patients who need an immediate medical transfer.

2. Does ICATT provide Paediatric care while transferring?

Yes, while providing emergency medical services, ICATT also has skilled and experienced pediatric surgeons who can stabilize the injured kids before reaching the destination.

3. When are the emergency medical services of ICATT available?

ICATT is available online 24/7 hours 365 days for any type of medical emergencies. After the confirmation of your request, the ICATT air ambulance will reach the incident area within 10-15 minutes.

4. Is aeromedical training available at ICATT?

Yes, ICATT is available with the best aeromedical training for the aspirants who have skills and effectively manage the patients in medical transferring. For more details about the aeromedical training, contact ICATT now.

5. Is ICATT available with the ECMO team to deal with critical health situations?

Yes, ICATT has specialized and trained ECMO teams in providing ultra-critical care in all emergencies. ECMO teams mainly deal with patients who are in critical situations with failed hearts or lungs. ICATT air ambulance equipped with ECMO units and staff to provide seamless treatment.

6. How can I have a conversation with ICATT for Emergency medical services?

For any emergency medical services, ICATT is available 24/7. We are just a call away.
Email us:[email protected]
Visit us: https://www.icatt.in
Call us:+91 9701111156