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Hyderabad is one of the major hubs for medical treatment in India and all round the world. Hyderabad is home to some of the best doctors across the globe and with the industry leading medical infrastructure in place, patients get access to the best in class medical specializations.

Critically ill patients need the best treatment that’s available to them and Hyderabad provides that care and treatment that’s required, however these patients need to be transported to Hyderabad and this is why Air Ambulances become an extremely critical part of the medical ecosystem. Air Ambulances in Hyderabad are always in huge demand for emergency patient transportation. People need it and are looking for an air ambulance in Hyderabad with extensive patient transportation services. These services must work safely and comfortably to transport the patient from one city to another without any hassle. It is now possible with India’s leading and specialized air ambulance service providers. Yes, we are talking about ICATT Air Ambulance Services, which is readily available in Hyderabad, Telangana. So now you can easily access and use first-class air ambulance services in Hyderabad with the bed to bed transfers service.

Although air ambulance can be expensive, the benefits of an air ambulance are unparalleled. They are the need of the hour and help a great deal in saving lives. ICATT in particular provides a service that is professional by following international levels of protocol. All the ICATT doctors are extremely well trained, experienced, competent and passionate about the work they do. ICATT uses the best in class medical equipment that helps a great deal while transferring the most critical of patients. There is probably no other team that uses the kind of doctors and equipment that we use. ICATT works within the ethos of medical governance.

Benefits Of Air ambulance Service In Hyderabad:

ICATT Air Ambulance Neonatal and Pediatric air Transport services in Banglore, trauma emergency response team near me
  • Reduced time to Travel:

It is a very well established fact that any sort of travel, especially long drawn journeys, contributes to the deterioration in the health condition of a critically ill patient. These critically ill patients are going through the most challenging time of their lives and they not be shifted when long drawn travel is involved. An air ambulance cuts off this major factor by reducing the time to travel. A journey which has taken about 2 days is easily cut down to a few hours. A journey which would have taken 7-10 hours is cut down to an hour or two.

  • A Competent Medical Team

One of major hubs for ICATT is Hyderabad; as a large portion of ICATT’s senior medical team, experts and management are based out of Hyderabad. All the senior doctors in major hospitals know ICATT and use only ICATT for the transfer of their patients.

  • Eliminating the risk of road traffic:

In Hyderabad, road traffic has become a menace. The number of life-threatening traffic accidents has steadily increased over the past years. As a result, it has become a challenge for the emergency rescue team to provide emergency services as quickly as possible to the needy. In such situations, Air ambulances play a crucial role. It could be the preferred alternative mode of transportation of patients where the uncertainty of road traffic can worsen the situation.

  • Offering all the traditional Basic Life Saving (BLS) ambulance provisions:

Like regular BLS ground ambulances, air ambulances are equipped with basic life-saving equipment such as oxygen cylinders, blood pressure monitors, and other equipment required in emergency conditions. Medical teams are qualified and are experts in providing emergency care on the way to the hospital.

  • Help many casualties:

Air ambulance service plays a vital role in transporting patients involved in accidents to the hospitals in time. Many people who are injured can be carried at the same time. Most patients with severe trauma or life-threatening injuries die within the first hour, which is called the golden hour. Air Ambulance can bring these patients to an emergency health facility within this golden hour, thus saving lives.

  • Air ambulances are equipped with all the medical equipment:

In addition to the utilities available in BLS air ambulance is also equipped with:

  • Monitor for basics like ECG
  • Sats
  • NIBP plus additional modules of CO2
  • Arterial line
  • Central Line
  • Defibrillator and External pacer.

All the above are monitored and supervised by a doctor using a detachable screen and controls connected via Bluetooth. As air ambulances are equipped with sophisticated medical equipment and well-qualified doctors, life is more likely to not only save but also prevent further damage to the patient’s health.

  • Comfort and convenience:
ICATT Launches Integrated Air Ambulance Services in Hyderabad, Emergency medical services near me

Journey in conventional ambulances is sometimes shaky and rough, long and uncomfortable. The quality of transportation is perfect, and patients experience little to no discomfort in the air ambulance. Many patients are unable to cope with medical transportation, and conditions may worsen during ground transportation, especially when there is traffic. It is not uncommon for fatalities involving road accidents to rise when transportation involves roads. All this can be avoided using an air ambulance.

Helps in organ transportation:
Air ambulances are very important for organ transportation, especially those involving immediate organs transplant. Very often, there is a risk of organ damage during transportation, and air ambulances can bypass the risk and help in 100% safe transportation.

  • Emergency treatment:

Highly experienced and specialized medical professionals mobile intensive care units provided by ICATT Air Ambulance, Emergency Patients Transportation Services near me
The first thing that comes to mind when the name Air Ambulance appears is emergency treatment. An ambulance immediately takes the patient to a nearby health facility. Transferring patients in medical emergencies by plane or helicopter has helped many patients receive medical services on time.

  • Services for Critical patient:

ICATT Air Ambulance in Hyderabad is a service that helps patients critical conditions with simple transportation to better health facilities. ICATT Air Ambulance understands the urgency of this vital time and offers the best facilities in its ambulance.

  • Transporting patients from one hospital to another hospital:

Sometimes hospitals do not have sufficient facilities and therefore need to move their patients to other hospitals with facilities, which can be quickly coordinated with the air ambulance.

  • Save more lives:

Fast and smooth patient transfer can save more lives by reducing travel time.

  • Transportation of medical devices:

In some situations, an air ambulance is not only used to move patients, but this service is also used to move medical equipment from one location to another.


In short, Air Ambulances are the need of the hour and not a luxury anymore. People should be educated about this critical service so they can choose the right service provider if a need should come up.  Contact ICATT Air Ambulance for India’s most reliable and high tech ambulance services, to bring patients safely and quickly to and from Hyderabad to any point in India in the best possible manner

For more information, contact ICATT air ambulance services at +91-9701111156. With the help of ICATT air emergency services, families and hospitals are far more likely to ensure patient well-being, successful care and desired recovery.

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