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Air Ambulance Services in India

Getting medical attention within the golden hour is saving the lives of many Indians from hard impact road accidents, the house falls, trauma emergency response , and critical care also from natural or human-made disasters. Air ambulance in India is the most elevated standard medical emergency and non-emergency patient transit services provider for the people who need trauma or critical care, organ transplants, and other emergency services.

These air ambulances in India will help to move the patient from accident areas to healthcare facilities. All the pre-medical emergency critical care will be provided by the air ambulance in India.

ICATT Air Ambulance India

ICATT Air Ambulance services in India is a renowned air ambulance service company which has great expertise in transporting patients during the medical emergency medical services. ICATT Air Ambulances have some advantages, including faster and comprehensive coverage in sparsely-populated remote areas within a short period.

ICATT is providing safe, comfortable, and comprehensive medical transport services. The services include world-class critical and emergency patient care during transportation service, Organ retrieval services, etc. ICATT air ambulance is fully equipped with high-end treatment equipment which consists of an infusion pump, oxygen cylinders, ventilator, cardiac monitor, mini ICU, emergency health system tools, etc. These equipment Will help to stabilize the patient’s health condition before reaching the destination.

The air ambulance services from ICATT will make your medical evacuation trouble-free, safe, and life-saving for the patients who need emergency medical care. The Air ambulance cost in India is also effective and affordable with ICATT.

Testimonials for ICATT air ambulance services in India

I want to express my sincere thanks to the ICATT air ambulances services in India, which much helps me in transferring my uncle to our desired treatment location within the expected time. The flight crew, paramedic and flying medics team were so professional and courteous with my uncle during the journey. I would surely recommend ICATT for the people who need immediate medical transfer and care. Thank you, ICATT, for wonderful services. – John

When my brother met with an accident, he was in an immovable situation. Then it became impossible to transfer him to the hospital immediately. Then I contact ICATT. Within 15 minutes, the charter flight is at our location. The paramedical staff transfer my brother to the plane. They provide some emergency medical care during the journey. The team handles the emergency in a very calm way and stabilizes my brother’s health condition before reaching the destination. And transfer him to the desired location within a short period. I was very impressed with the treatment care provided by the medical professional and medical staff. ICATT is a wonderful life-line for everyone who needs emergency medical care. Thank you, ICATT air ambulance services. – Vikas Chauhan

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When to prefer/call ICATT air ambulance services in India?

The need for an air ambulance may occur anywhere at any place. Here is the list of some conditions when the patient needs an air ambulance.

  • When the patient suffering from severe head injuries in remote areas
  • When the patient is in immovable condition to travel for long distances for the transplant surgeries
  • Hires to the transfer of organs from anywhere in India.
  • Who met with road accidents and not able to reach the hospitals because of the traffic lines
  • Elderly people who are unable to travel for their medical emergencies
  • When the patient needs bedside to bedside transfer
  • Who needs medical transfer during Travel injuries
  • When the patient from rural area need emergency medical care
  • When the people got affected by natural disasters
  • When the people got injured during winter activities
  • When the people got stuck in a fire accident
  • When the people got mobility injuries and not in a position to move
  • When the patient has cardiovascular problems

List of Services offering by ICATT Air Ambulance in India:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Immediate medical treatment during travelling
  • NICU services
  • Organ transfer from anywhere to anywhere
  • Provides better medical escorts
  • Experienced medical team to stabilize the patient’s critical condition
  • Fully-equipped emergency care medical equipment
  • Transfer the patient within minimum time

List of cities where ICATT provides their air ambulance services in India:

ICATT Air Ambulance Services in India: Air Ambulance Centers Nearby you

Air Ambulance services in Bangalore: In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, there is a need for air ambulance services. To transfer the people who met with road accidents and who are not able to move to need the best air ambulance services.

Air Ambulances Services in Berhampur: Brahmpur is the municipal corporation of Ganjam, Odisha. This silk city has fewer medical facilities compared to other metropolitan cities. ICATT air ambulance services in Berhampur will provide a more significant number of medical escorts to transfer patients to the medical facility location.

Air Ambulances Services in Chennai: ICATT Air Ambulance in Chennai offers the best life-saving emergency transportation options with full healthcare services to easily move patients from one medical centre to another inside Chennai City or from Chennai to another city in India without any barriers to patient transportation.

Air Ambulance Services in Coimbatore: Coimbatore city is a well-populated city in Tamilnadu. ICATT provides the best air ambulance services in Coimbatore for the people who can’t reach the hospital within golden hours while met with road accidents. These are also helpful for elderly people who are in immovable positions.

Air Ambulance Services in Goa: Medical services in Goa were less compared to other metropolitan cities. And there are so many remote-controlled areas where the people don’t even have basic facilities. Thus ICATT provides the best air ambulances services in Goa, India, to transit the patient to the desired hospital anywhere from India.

Air Ambulance Services in Hyderabad: In a heavily populated city like Hyderabad, there is a great need for the best emergency medical services. Because of the heavy population and traffic, there are so many accidents that happen every day. ICATT comes with a better solution to avoid this situation by providing the air ambulance service in Hyderabad. Within no time, ICATT will transfer the patient and also stabilize the patient’s critical health condition during the transferring time.

Air Ambulance Services in Jabalpur: Jabalpur is a well-known district on a rocky hilltop in Madhya Pradesh. Cities like this need immediate medical transfer providers. So many people visit this place for tourism. ICATT air ambulance services in Jabalpur provide all emergency medical care services and also transfer the travellers who got injured during their travel journey.

Air Ambulance Services in Kochi: Kochi or Cochin is a famous city in Kerala, which is a coastal corridor with the Arabian sea. Kochi is the major commercial for the industrial hub. ICATT air ambulances services in Kochi, offering all emergency care services within no time at affordable prices.

Air ambulance services in Kolkata: This metropolitan city is also known as the intellectual city of India. It is also an educational, commercial, and cultural centre of the eastern part of India. Due to traffic problems in Kolkata, so many lost their lives during the road accident. ICATT offering the best air ambulance services will help to tackle this situation by stabilizing and transferring the trauma patients within a short period along with emergency medical care.

Air ambulance services in Madurai: It is the third-largest populated city of Tamil Nadu and is the best religious destination for everyone. The population in the city creates many problems which lead to accidents, disasters. During these typical times, transferring the victims will become difficult. Air Ambulance services in Madurai provided by ICATT will help to solve all these problems.

Air ambulance services in Mysore: This city is the second biggest city in Karnataka and also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. People from different countries will visit this place to witness the helpful nature and peaceful attitude of the people. ICATT Air Ambulance services in Mysore will help in providing the bedside to bedside patient care, and transfer the patient who needs immediate medical care within no time.

Air ambulance services in Mumbai: Mumbai is India’s largest city and densely populated area. These heavily populated problems may injure so many people in different situations like accidents, security issues, protests, disasters, etc. In transferring within a short period, the people need immediate medical transit services provided by the ICATT Air Ambulance services in Mumbai.

Air ambulance services in Nagpur: Nagpur is the winter capital of Maharashtra state. And also on top 10 heavily populated cities in India. This is also known as the smart city of Maharashtra. ICATT Air ambulance services from Nagpur ensure the needy by providing all kinds of needs to transfer their patients under experienced emergency medical teams with all types of medical equipment.

Air ambulance services in Patna: Patna is the ancient city and capital of Bihar. It is the fastest-growing city in India. The city still lacks proper medical facilities, and so many people are facing difficulties in having better medical treatments. ICATT Air Ambulance services in Patna give you proper emergency medical care and transfer the patient to the desired treatment location within minimal time.

Air ambulance services in Pondicherry: Pondicherry is one of the most attractive cities in India by foreigners. But this city doesn’t have proper medical facilities to transfer the patients who need immediate medical care. ICATT Air ambulance services in Pondicherry provide reliable emergency services and be- to bed transfer facilities.

Air ambulance services in Pune: Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra and also the top 10 most populated in India. ICATT air ambulance service in Pune provides comprehensive medical assistance to emergency patients at affordable prices. ICATT has great experience in providing the hassle-free shifting of the patients to the desired treatment location.

Air ambulance services in Raigarh: This is the famous city of Chattisgarh. Along with other developments, the medical field also has tremendous growth. All people are easily available with ICATT air ambulances service in Raipur to transfer the patient in medical emergencies.

Air ambulance services in Raipur: Raipur is the capital city of Chattisgarh. So many people from nearby towns will travel to Raipur for proper medical treatment. So, this city needs the best emergency medical service provider. ICATT Air ambulance in India will provide the best medical transfer services for the patient who should be transported for a long distance for further medical care.

Air ambulance services in Shillong: Shillong is a hill station in Meghalaya. There are no proper medical facilities and emergency care providers at Shillong. So ICATT air ambulances services in Shillong come up with better patient transportation solutions with Helicopter ambulance, flight ambulance, and organ transplant transport services during non-emergencies and medical emergencies. These air ambulances will provide all emergency medical care services along with the transportation of the patient at an affordable cost.

Air ambulance services in Thiruvananthapuram: Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala. This city has excellent medical infrastructure and emergency facilities but still lacks in facilities for the critical illness transfers. ICATT air ambulance services in Thiruvananthapuram provide all emergency essential transportation services for the people who are immediately transferred to the desired treatment location.

Air ambulance services in Vellore: Vellore is a major city in Tamil Nadu for medical tourism in India. Being a city of medicine, Vellore city always provides the best medical health care services for needy people. Now air ambulances services in Vellore become necessary to transfer the patients. ICATT air ambulances services offer the best emergency medical transfer services under the observation of a skilled medical team and paramedics.

Air ambulance services in Vijayawada: Vijayawada is also known as the business capital of Andhra Pradesh. This city is small in area, but so many people visit this place for tourism purposes. The city is always on alert to provide the emergency needs for its visitors. ICATT air ambulances services in Vijayawada have expanded their emergency medical services .

Air ambulance services in Visakhapatnam: Visakhapatnam is also known as Vizag, which is highly populated in Andhra Pradesh. So many foreigners will visit this city to explore the famous beaches and nature’s beauty. Since this city is well-crowded everywhere, there is a definite need for emergency medical transfer. ICATT Air ambulance services will expand their services in Visakhapatnam to provide emergency medical care using hi-tech medical equipment and transferring the patient to the desired hospital without any hurdles.

Air ambulance cost in India:

ICATT Air ambulance services in India provide the best emergency medical care services and also transfers the patients within minimal time at affordable packages. There are so many factors that affect the cost of air ambulance services in India those may include

  • Distance travelled by the patient
  • Type of aircraft required
  • Number of medical staff required
  • Airport landing fees
  • The requirement of a ground ambulance facility

How are ICATT Air Ambulance services affordable?

ICATT has a successful track record of transferring the patient to the desired location. The ICATT air ambulance services in India is renowned for medical emergencies, transportation services, and affordable packages. There is complete transparency about the cost of the journey, and also there are no hidden charges and any extra charges.

Air Ambulance Cost in India:

ICATT always strives to prove the most exceptional medical care during transportation. We also provide bed-to-bed services, organ transportation services. We also We also transfer neonatal and paediatric transportation services , and older people who need an immediate medical transfer. Air ambulance costs in India and all emergency medical care services offered by ICATT are completely effective and affordable.

Book your appointment now with ICATT to get the best air ambulance services in India. Feel free to ask more queries like organ transplant transport service, patient transportation and air ambulance cost etc., We are available 24*7, 365 days. We are here to help you with medical helicopter, air flight, domestic and international air ambulance services India.

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