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Guwahati is the largest city in the state of Assam.

Guwahati,  has grown in popularity as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The city is also known as a riverine city and has several well-known hospitals and health centres. A lot of people that are in need of medical care from the neighborhood cities and the sister states are brought to Guwahati,  However, in critical cases patients need to be shifted from Guwahati to other major cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Vellore, Bangalore, Mumbai  or Delhi for further medical care. 

Since Guwahati is at located on the far East of India, it is unfortunately created a a barrier for critically ill patients to be transferred via road and would be extremely dangerous or critic if a critically ill patients is to be shifted via road to any of these major cities as it could over 15 hours to days to shift this patient.

This is why air ambulances have become so important to Guwahati.

If you are looking for full ICU and CCU services in medical flights, then ICATT is in the best position to help you. ICATT air ambulance is is now easy to book . You can hire ICATT, a highly-rated service provider of medical flights. ICATT offers you high quality-based services following international levels of protocol while moving critically Ill patients for the best hospital treatment. 

ICATT is a  trusted service in Guwahati.  This article will help you to understand what an air ambulance medical flight transport service in Guwahati provides.

Air ambulance in Guwahati:

The concept of an ambulance is essential in Guwahati. Our ICATT air ambulance is a fast, reliable and a safe means of transportation for patients who need access to specific locations. In difficult situations, there is no alternative transportation other than air ambulances. The patient’s condition can deteriorate due to long-distance travel on the road. You can get help from the Air Ambulance for this. Your visit to our ambulance will be very relaxing, even when you are somewhere. Flight ambulance services make transferring patients easier, especially if the case is time-sensitive. This gives them support for faster health care and access to facilities. 

ICATT Air Ambulance, has an experienced and competent, professional medical and operations team that handles the transfer of a patient from one city to another in the best possible manner. ICATT Air Ambulance offers patients Air Ambulance services through professional expert teams in many cities in India and internationally. 

Our service aims to ensure that patients are cared for properly when they are being transported. Air Ambulance ICATT offers this service according to your budget, needs and time.

Air Ambulance medical Flights in Guwahati:

ICATT Air Ambulance Medical Flight Transport Service in Guwahati, best Flying Medical Emergency services near me

At ICATT Air Ambulance, offers various types of medical air transportation services that are tailored to meet your needs. Our aviation and medical services include: 

  • Medical stretchers on commercial aeroplanes for bed-bound or bedridden trips
  • Full fledged air ambulance aircrafts
  • Highly trained doctors, nurses and paramedics to help travel with commercial aircraft and on air ambulance
  • Special facilities for newborn medical flights

Transportation for pediatric patients is extremely important as well. Our medical flight crew are EMS certified, experienced and knowledgeable. The flight crew is licensed and certified with many hours of flying experience.

At ICATT, we ensure that patients do not lack medical care when moved to another city. We offer a well-developed medical ambulance in Guwahati that works with its team of specialists who are ready to help the primary care of the sick.

In addition to a team of medical experts, we have other facilities such as ventilators, vacuum machines, oxygen cylinders, infusion pumps and similar life support devices to support patients during their trip.

Some of the medical devices that we offer at Guwahati ambulances are:

ICATT Air Ambulance Launches Integrated Services in Guwahati for Emergency Medical Transit in COVID 19 time, One of the best air ambulance in India

BP devices, autoclave flash, oxygen flow meters, suction devices, bedpan washer systems, ECG devices, medical furniture, laryngoscopes, multi-parameter monitors, portable reverse osmosis devices, defibrillators, pulse oximeter, pneumatic ventilator, ventilator pumps, advanced ventilators, electronic scales, general-purpose colour dopplers, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, ophthalmoscope, stethoscopes, non-invasive heart monitors, DVT pumps/leg compression devices, nebulizers, compressors, continuous dialysis machines, mini-Doppler, devices suction, central monitor, feed pump, EtCo2 monitor, transportation monitor, Bipap / CPAP, air bed, neck collar, ICU, patient warm air heating system and others.

Our Guwahati ambulance offers the most extensive medical facilities. With this service, you can move patients from anywhere in the hospital to locations other than the hospital.

This is needed for patients who are in serious condition and need actions offered at specialized hospitals in every other city. An ambulance is also useful in emergencies and difficulties when time is short of protecting the patient. 

Regardless of which scenario is suitable for medical air travel or personal services, ICATT air ambulances are appropriate.

Please read more below about why ICATT is best and which is best for you, your patients or your loved ones. We can certainly answer all your questions about medical air transportation by contacting our 24-hour expedition centre. 

Why choose ICATT as a rescue service in Guwahati?
ICATT Helicopter emergency medical services in Guwahati, best Flying Medical Emergency services near me

Transferring severe patients through air ambulances in Guwahati is a clear responsibility, and we do our work carefully and attentively so that you never have the chance to complain. We offer our services according to all instructions and protocols to ensure the safe transfer of our customers. So if you want to use Guwahati emergency services, you can contact us. We are responsible for taking you to any city in the country.

Metropolis Guwahati is the largest in Assam. This is the centre of northeast India. Guwahati is one of the developing cities in the Northeast and has the right facilities in terms of health, transportation, and education. People in the Northeast come to Guwahati City for medical treatment and critically ill patients are also shifted from Guwahati to other cities for treatment and post treatment to back home.

For this reason, the Guwahati Air Ambulance Service from ICATT offers an alternative for moving emergency patients in India or abroad. We did not only help the people in Guwahati most effectively but throughout the Northeast to save people’s lives. We offer the following services :

ICATT Air Ambulance Emergency Air Transport For Critical Infants And Newborns in India, best Helicopter Emergency Medical Services near me

  • We offer the most competent  doctors and nurses who care for patients with care and love throughout the journey. The ICATT Air Flight Ambulance in Guwahati caters to specialist and patient needs. Also, all world-class rescue equipment must be placed in an ambulance, and a simulated environment in an intensive care unit must be made in an ambulance. 
  • Air Ambulance Services are made affordable so people from various backgrounds have access to barrier-free facilities. So it became the heart of the people of Assam and the whole of the Northeast. Now moving with a patient at a reasonable speed on a charter flight from Guwahati to Delhi, Guwahati ambulances to Chennai, Guwahati ambulances to Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Vijayawada, Mumbai, Vellore, and throughout India. We transmit all types of patients such as cancer, mental illness and hepatitis.
  • The aircraft used in air transfers have the latest equipment and medicines for patients. Also, a team of medical personnel is available onboard to provide medical assistance needed during the flight.
  • Quick response and short messages for ambulances to Guwahati India
  • We are here for you all the time to ensure you get the right help at the right time
  • Affordable, reliable, safe and fast medical transportation available to destinations worldwide

Our team will help you choose the right aeroplane to meet the needs and situation of the patient. For air ambulance flights to Guwahati India, we need the following information:

  • The patient’s health condition.
  • If the patient is stable enough to fly and is suitable medically and clinically.
  • Several passengers are accompanying patients
  • Special equipment where the doctor or hospital requests availability.
  • Contact details of hospital appointments. 

If you are looking for emergency services to travel to India for medical tourism, we can help you. Regardless of your needs, you will receive first-class care by medical air transportation. Patients can remove geographical barriers and visit India for medical tourism. We can evacuate from any point to any hospital.


In Guwahati, we offer air ambulances with medical staff at an affordable cost. Our employees have a lot of knowledge about handling emergencies. The high-tech medical strategy offers patients the latest care. Our medical team will safely move your loved ones from the current medical centre to a new hospital. Therefore, you can easily bring sick family members from Guwahati to other cities in India and around the world. 

This is the best and most correct method in which medical aviation is very helpful for patient assistance. The ICATT Air ambulance on Guwahati offers a complete solution to shift patients. You can transport the victim to get all types of facilities in the ICATT air ambulance from any city.

Here it is very important to know that the ICATT ambulance in Guwahati also plays an important role in offering you the best support for patient transportation. This is a useful way to move patients in an emergency. You can order anytime at a reasonable price, and we are present 24 hours a day for patient transportation. Call us anytime at +91-9701111156 or visit our branch.

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