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Air Ambulance Is The Best In India At An Affordable Cost In Medical Emergency Situations: Learn Why?

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Emergency medical transportation can cost thousands of rupees, but non-emergency medical transportation is much cheaper. However, like anything in life, an emergency ends up costing you more money than anything you planned. In general, transportation costs are calculated considering the pickup location, distance and special care required during a pickup, drop-off and the entire journey.

ICATT air ambulances have helped save countless lives, often in dramatic circumstances, and have undoubtedly brought faster emergency medical care to some of the world’s rural areas. In India alone, medical air transport gives Indians access to a Level I or II trauma centre in less than 60 minutes. However, ambulance costs also leave many patients financially vulnerable, surprising them with huge bills not covered by their health insurance. Most patients wonder how a relatively short trip can cost so much.

Let us see this article to know more about factors that affect ICATT Air Ambulance’s cost

ICATT Air Medical Transport

According to the ICATT, approximately 30% of the Indian population relies on on-air medical transportation to access emergency medical care. In addition, many rural areas lack advanced medical care, and people who suffer serious injuries or require specialized care in these locations rely on medical air transport to get the help they need.

When a patient needs emergency or special medical care, the priority is usually to provide them with emergency medical care as soon as possible. Unfortunately, patients typically do not know how they are transported or whether medical air travel costs are high or low.

Here are the factors that ICATT air ambulance follows to Cost in Medical Emergency Situations.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, as the price depends on many factors. Therefore, we want to give you a quick overview of the costs that make up the price of an air ambulance.

Travel distance

The cost of an ambulance mainly depends on the distance between the origin and the destination. However, the prices do not increase directly with the distance travelled but are calculated individually by our team of consultants.

What kind of local health personnel do you need?

Some patients require doctors and nurses to sit with them since most patients are in wheelchairs and stretchers. This helps protect the patient from anything that could go wrong during transportation.

Do you need a crew waiting for you?

If funerals or any other circumstance has an unknown pickup time, you can hire a crew to sit and wait with you throughout the event. It is worth investing here as you can leave at any time without having to wait for your return trip. Additional fees will apply depending on the waiting time.

Do you have any special door-to-door requirements?

Quality, non-urgent medical transportation includes providing door-to-door services to patients who need assistance leaving their homes. For example, door-to-door services are typically used to transport bariatric patients who may not stand and move comfortably in a vehicle. This includes all bedridden patients, young or old, who need a stretcher to get out of the house.

Door-to-door service is essential to move so many people every day. However, trained professionals must perform this service properly to prevent injury or damage. 

Patient’s condition

Medical staff and necessary equipment should be selected according to the patient’s condition. For example, depending on the diagnosis, ambulance flights with cabin pressure equal to ground air pressure may be required, which increases flight duration and thus costs more for patient transport.

Short notice 

As most of the ambulance planes are in permanent use, we have to take their availability into account when booking, and in any case, different approach routes may be possible. If an aeroplane is very close to the place of departure, this can positively impact the airline’s costs. Therefore, it is easier and cheaper to plan an ambulance flight in logistics as early as possible. However, last-minute tasks can be done at any time.

Accompanying persons with patients

We make it easy for you to have close friends and family around you during an ambulance flight. Therefore, the total cost of an ambulance flight also depends on the number of accompanying people. In most cases, we can bring one companion with us for free, but it is also possible to bring several relatives with us during the ambulance flight. Let us know what you want, and we will be happy to order a bigger ambulance for you.

Land transportation

In addition to the ambulance flight itself, it is often necessary to arrange for appropriate ground transportation in an ambulance or emergency vehicle – for example, for travel from the hospital to the airport. This is not required for helicopter flights. Please note that the cost of an ambulance abroad can often vary greatly. Long ambulance trips may be required depending on the patient’s location, which affects the overall cost.

ICATT uses these parameters to calculate individual prices for you. ICATT are here for you 24 hours a day to help you with these and all other questions.

Ambulance Cost: Is It Worth The Cost Of Living?

Medical air transport services are beneficial in a medical emergency or when time is critical to provide emergency medical care to patients. Under such circumstances, the patient cannot refuse or negotiate the cost of air medical transportation. 

Affordable ICATT Medical Air Transport 

 As one of the world’s leading medical air transport companies, ICATT provides unrivalled specialist medical care and bed-to-bed transportation worldwide. We are the medical airline of choice for many people around the world. ICATT has highly experienced medical staff, fully customized and constantly configured aircraft, and accredited medical air transport services. We also offer world-class round-the-clock medical flight service and provide an uncompromising standard of care because we believe that every life is worth saving!


ICATT Transportation provides world-class medical and non-medical medical transportation in India at competitive prices. We treat patients in wheelchairs, stretchers. We strive to make transportation convenient, safe and reliable at affordable prices. Contact ICATT today for a personalized offer!

If you wish to book an ambulance flight, either on short notice due to an emergency or pre-planned, we recommend that you contact ICATT directly at +91-9701111156. We love taking the time to show you all the options. We are available to you 24 hours a day, and in urgent cases, we will immediately provide you with a free quote. In addition, our medical return service will notify you free of charge and without obligation.

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