Saving time

and saving lives.

A Specialised Air Ambulance Service, ICATT is the only Comprehensive Patient Transfer Solution that is owned and led by doctors with over 14 years of domain knowledge and experience in the field of Aero Medical Transfers.

Our doctors have gone through one of the world’s best training programs in the UK in Critical care/ Anaesthesia, Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine and ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator).

The gruelling training of our doctors at the NHS (National Health Service) has helped incorporate the culture of clinical governance. Our highly trained flying medics team of doctors and paramedics have taken this opportunity to introduce the same system in India under ICATT.

ICATT has established the reputation of being medically led by practising ICU and air ambulance intensivists.

ICATT Air Ambulance Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine and ECMO services in India, best flying doctor in emergency inida

Dr Rahul Singh Sardar

Director (MBBS., MRCA., FCAI. (UK))

ICATT Air Ambulance Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine and ECMO services in India, best flying doctor in medical emergency india

Dr Shalini Nalwad

Director (MBBS., MRCA.,FCAI., (UK))


To provide an Aeromedical Service in India and abroad, the quality of which is at par with the best in the sector.


To provide the best possible medical care in the most challenging of clinical areas and to bring the world’s best air-based emergency medical services to India.


Keeping Values at the Centre of Everything: Passion, Patient-Centricity & Professionalism, we work within the framework and ethos of clinical governance.


Understanding the need for Air Ambulances in India

An air ambulance is often seen just as a means of transport for a critical patient. We are here to tell you, that it is in fact much more than that. Our aeromedicine is an extremely specialised field.

The stability and in-transit care of the patient is of utmost importance without which, transferring the patient could lead to further deterioration in their condition. Before you opt for any air ambulance service, it is imperative that you understand if your loved requires the service and how it will impact their well-being.

Talk to our team of specialists so they can help you take the right decision.

Air Ambulance Services

ICATT’s Journey

  • ICATT was conceptualized by Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar and Dr. Shalini Nalwad. Intensivists and Flying Doctors in UK with more than a decade of experience in the field.
  • ICATT got the Feasibility study for Air Ambulance Services for India.
  • ICATT does the First ever Aeromedical Workshop with joint faculty from Airmed, UK. Won the Excellence award: “Innovation in Emergency Medicine” at Emergency Medical Conference (EMCON).
  • ICATT was introduced in Egyptian International Trauma Conference as special guests and faculty to talk about HEMS in Developing Economies.
  • ICATT does the first ever International Patient transfer on ECMO from Doha to Chennai for Heart and Lung Transplant.
  • Invited to speak on Airborne ECMO in the World Congress of ELSO at Doha Organized by Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar.
  • Multi-national Aeromedical Workshop Lead by ICATT along with Kent Surrey Susse (KSS HEMS), UK and Airmed, UK at EMCON 2016.
  • India’s first live Drill of HEMS in Madurai at EMCON 2016 done by ICATT. Demonstration of Road side resuscitation by landing a HEMS helicopter in the car park.
  • First International Aviation Medicine Meet organized by ICATT at Delhi, bringing together NHAI, DGCA, Society of Emergency Medicine and Insurance Providers to create a platform for HEMS in India.
  • Joint Training sessions with Greater Sydney Area HEMS teams, Doctor Exchange Program and combined Clinical Governance Teleconferences.
  • Invited by Airbus to be part of the Panel, along with ADAC HEMS of Germany and Thailand Air ambulance.
  • MOU with SEMI – Society of Emergency Medicine of India for training and accessing Emergency Medicine trained doctors.
  • Tied up with major corporate hospitals with a presence in over 5 states catering to patients with a combined capacity of over 20,000 beds.
  • In discussions with NHAI and DGCA to work on the pilot project on HEMS.
  • Insurance Companies to provide packages for HEMS as well as Planned Transfers.
  • MOU with Germany’s HEMS service, ADAC for technical support for the HEMS pilot project.
  • Organised FAM: Fellowship in Aviation Medicine Intense training program for Flying Doctors in association with GHA and HEMS services from UK, Australia, Germany and Norway.
  • Advanced negotiation with Governments of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Maharashtra for waiver/reduced landing and parking charges.