Trauma Emergency Response

We are in the process of pioneering HEMS(Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) in India, which will have highly skilled specialist team called the RAID team (Rapid Assessment Intervention and Dispatch team) consisting of an Intensive care Doctor, ICU Nurse and Pilot/Paramedic. This Airborne unit is capable of diagnosing and treating any life-threatening emergency outside the facilities of a hospital. This team has been trained to carry out emergency life-saving invasive procedures on-board. Their training has been inbuilt with attributes like Situational Awareness, Leadership, Teamwork and Communication to deal with the worst possible scenarios in the best possible way.

In a major Trauma, which is being dealt with by 108 EMRI or equivalent local ambulance service, if the victim is triaged as Priority 1, i.e if immediate life saving therapy is not provided and the patient is not transported to a specialised trauma centre, the chances of survival are nonexistent, the RAID team can be transported to the site with its capability to initiate the therapy on site ensuring organ perfusion and oxygenation to contain the Primary insult and prevent Secondary Injury. 108 EMRI or equivalent local ambulance service will be authorized to initiate the call for Air evacuation based on a jointly agreed Triage and protocol.