Organ Retrieval

Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator ( Heart-Lung bypass ): This is one of the few major advances in Critical Care medicine since 1970s. Originally developed in USA, ECMO has been subsequently incorporated as Centralised Ultra Critical care in all the Developed countries. Increasingly being incorporated into practice by some of the Advanced Tertiary hospitals in India.

In Reversible Clinical scenarios, where the patient's Cardiorespiratory systems are unable to cope due to Severe Systemic illness, despite the traditional Intensive care therapy, ECMO can make a difference taking over majority of the function of the Heart and lungs. Thus giving the patient the invaluable extension of life and gives the therapy, time to reverse or contain the insult.

Our ECMO team consists of Doctors specialised in initiating and monitoring patients on ECMO along with Perfusionists to support them. Our Air ambulances have the capability to be equipped with portable airworthy ECMO units.

This unique distinguishing feature of ICATT, makes it possible to transfer, this specific cohort of patients who could benefit from this mode of therapy. This can also be used in patients, already on ECMO, who needs repatriation to their home country. Potential Organ Transplant Recipients, with failing organ systems, awaiting transplant can be safely transferred to the transplant centres, either domestic or international.