Domestic Air Transfer

The core strength of ICATT is the quality of its medical staff. They are all ICU/Anaesthesia trained doctors who have further undergone our robust induction programme including trauma management, resuscitation(ALS/ATLS/ACLS) and Aviation simulation training.

We have dedicated Helicopters and Fixed wing aircrafts, strategically placed across India to minimise the response time. These Air ambulances are equipped with Oxylog3000 ventilators, Continuous real time Cardiorespiratory monitors, Biphasic Defibrillators/ AEDs, Oxygen bank, Emergency Major haemorrhage packs with Blood and FFP, IV resuscitation fluids and the essential resuscitation drugs as per ALS and ACLS guidelines. Therefore our Air ambulances are converted Flying ICUs.

In special circumstances, on clinical need, we can mobilise our Airborne ECMO team with the skills and capability to initiate and transfer a critically unwell patient on our own ECMO to a tertiary or a receiving ECMO facility.

Our flying ICUs are also capable of transferring a patient on IABP(Intra-Aortic Baloon Pump) with trained doctors to monitor and intervene if necessary. With these capabilities, we are in a position to transfer a critically unwell patient in the shortest possible transit time, continuing the Intensive therapy enroute, who, otherwise would'nt have been fit for transfer by any other means. With a, combination of Helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts improving our penetration, these transfers can be done from the remotest of places to any part of India.