ICATT is a company, registered in India by a team of Anaesthetists-Intensivists trained in the United Kingdom. Having worked in the NHS over the past decade, they have gained experience in Aeromedical Rapid response in Pre-hospital Trauma management by helicopters. They also carried out long distance transfer of critically unwell patients by fixed wing aircrafts across the globe. They have led Trauma and Cardiac Resuscitation teams as part of their training.

Emigrating back to India, and launching this project with the sole purpose of providing the best possible medical care in the most challenging of clinical areas. A commitment to work on the ethos of Clinical Governance, ensuring High quality evidence based practice, governed by a system of Review and Audit.

A commitment, to provide an Aeromedical Service in India and abroad, quality of which is at par with the best in the sector.

Our Team

Dr Rahul singh Sardar


Dr Rahul Singh Sardargraduated from Karnatak University and obtained Fellowship in Anaesthesia from College of Anaesthetist Ireland and Membership from Royal College of Anaesthetist, UK.Began his career in and Accident & Emergency and Acute Medicine, which was followed by the Basic Anaesthetic training in London, Southeast Thames Deanery.

During his posting in Scotland, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Deanery, DrSardarlead the Aeromedical Retrieval and Repatriation team. His team carried out both, Category 1 as well as planned transfers using helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts. This job involved the challenging geography and rough weather conditions of the Highlands along with complex medical scenarios. The attributes of Teamwork, Leadership, Situational awareness and contingency planning were ingrind. He presented his work onAeromedical services, in The World Congress of Critical care in Lisbon, Portugal (European Society of Intensive care Medicine).

He further pursued his interest in Pre hospital Trauma and Critical care by getting trained in Expedition Medicine. He completed his module in Chamonix, France WMT (Wildernesses Medical Training).

During his Higher Specialist training in Anaesthesia, in The Northwest Deanery, Manchester, he was awarded the Robbie McKendric prize by ANWICU (Association of Northwest Intensive care Units) for his work on Cardiorespiratory Monitoring during transfer of Critical patients. DrSardar is one of the Founder Members of ICATT. Apart from bringing back home to India, his level of skill set, his ambition is to make ICATT the pioneer in Specialised, Structured Aeromedical Service provider at par with the best in the sector. He has a special interest in ECMO and his dream is to launch the first ever dedicatedAirbourne ECMO team with its own portable kit and Specialists.

Dr ShaliniNalwad graduated from Mysore University and obtained Fellowship in Anaesthesia from College of Anaesthetist Ireland and Membership from Royal College of Anaesthetist, UK. She secured the prestigious medical training programme of The Northern Ireland Deanery. During the tenure as a trainee in medical rotation, she has lead the Cardiac arrest team, the mobile Cardiac ICU and have lysed the patients in community, and successfully resuscitated the cardiac arrests in the community. Following which she also obtained the Anaesthetic rotation programmes of Northern Ireland deanery. She has gained extensive experience working in the Tertiary Intensive Care Unit in Belfast for three years which mainly deals with trauma. She is associated with Europe’s leading Air ambulance company and has transferred Level 2 to Level 3 patients across the world. Jet-setting the world with the sickest patients in the slickest possible way, when every minute counts and every life is precious she has retrieved patients from 5 countries, 2 continents in 72 hours and has undeterringly air-lifted patients from Libya in midst of the turmoil. Panelist on 6Th Annual Conference of Indian College of Annual conference of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists in collaboration with University of Minnesota, USA, Nov 2014. ECMO specialist from Leicester Glenfield hospital UK June 2015, will be launching the First ever Airborne ECMO in India.

Realising the lacuna in Indian medical system when it comes to saving young lives from road traffic accidents and unaffordability of planned transfers through air, she along with others have associated to form this company, which can make emergency medical transfer a reality in India and also make it affordable to the needy.

Dr Shalini Nalwad